Neighborhood Watch Comes to Hedingham

A lot of people think Neighborhood Watch is all about stopping crime, but really itís about getting involved in your neighborhood and getting to know your neighbors. Itís about creating the feeling of community. Of course, it does help fight crime; after all when you know your neighbors, you know who belongs in your neighborhood and who doesnít.

Neighborhood Watch meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Willow Oak Clubhouse. Officer Harrelson, Hedingham's Community Officer, discusses strategies to reduce and prevent crime in our community, reviews crime statistic reports, and answers resident's questions. Officer Harrelson also regularly sends Neighborhood Watch members timely news alerts relating to activities in the neighborhood.

If you are interested in attending the next neighborhood watch meeting, please contact our Community Manager at 919-231-9050.

Watch this website and this page for more information on the new Hedingham neighborhood watch program.

Good Neighbor Quote

City of Raleigh Residents Now Have a New Tool to Report Crime

You may use the City of Raleigh's Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System to report the following incidents:

  • damage to property
  • stolen property
  • lost property
  • damage to vehicle
  • theft from vehicle
  • harassing phone call

We Need Block Captains!

If you would like to be a block captain, please contact our Community Manager at 919-231-9050.

Q: What is a Block Captain?

A: A Block Captain is someone who lives in our neighborhood and is willing to expend a little effort to keep the group going. Duties require little formal training--about one hour a month to keep track of your group members, keep in contact with Host Homes, make sure new neighbors are welcomed, and coordinates alerting the neighborhood about safety and/or crime issues.

Neighborhood Watch Forms:

Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Check back for date of next meeting
Willow Oak Clubhouse

Neighborhood Watch Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Hedingham residents may signup to receive email alerts.

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  • First, call 911!
  • Then, notify US Security Associates at 984-220-6638.
  • Finally, contact your Block Captain. If you don't know your block captain, please contact our Community Manager at 919-231-9050.

Home Safety Tips

Doors and Windows

  • Keep doors and windows locked and consider purchasing an electronic security system.
  • Safety-coat your windows. This window film is an adhesive sheeting that makes breaking windows difficult and forces an intruder to repeatedly pound before breaking the window.
  • Entry doors should be sturdy (fiber glass, solid wood or reinforced metal) and fit tightly in its frame so that it may withstand a sharp kick.
  • Install "dead bolt" locks with a one-inch metal bar extending into the door frame.
  • Make sure you have a sturdy doorjamb. Even a top-quality dead bolt is only as good as the weak link in the chain, and that's the doorjamb.


  • Exterior lighting near doors and in the rear of your home may help expose individuals attempting to conceal themselves around your home.
  • Make sure to keep several interior lights on in your home. From the outside, your house should look as if someone is home.


  • Thorny landscaping around the outside of your house can make it unpleasant for burglars to enter.
  • Trim shrubs and trees so they do not provide hiding places for an intruder.
  • Large-grade gravel spread below windows provides a noise deterrent, but avoid using large rocks that could be used to break a window to gain entrance.


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