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The Hedingham Board of Directors voted at the March 2009 board meeting to restrict long term parking in the Willow Oak Pool, Grand Traverse Pool and Hedingham Athletic Club parking lots. Beginning May 1, 2009 any homeowner that would like to park in any of the above-mentioned parking lots overnight must register (in person during operational hours) their vehicle at the front desk of the Hedingham Athletic Club or by filling out the form below. The maximum length of time a vehicle/trailer will be allowed to park in those lots will be 3 consecutive days and a maximum of 6 total days per month. The Hedingham Community Association reserves the right to review each request and extend or shorten the number of days they will be allowed to park in those lots.

Any vehicle/trailer parked in a lot overnight that has not registered with the athletic club or is inoperable (for example: flat tire, broken window(s), expired license plates, etc.) is subject to towing from the property. The HOA will issue one warning in the form of a sticker on the driver side window. Costs for recovering a vehicle from the towing company start at $150 plus daily storage costs. Chandler Towing (919-596-4547) information signs have been installed at the entrances to these parking lots. The Hedingham Community Association accepts no responsibility for vehicles illegally parked that are towed.

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