Hedingham HOA Board of Directors

The Hedingham Homeowners Association Board of Directors is comprised of 5 resident volunteers, and one officer appointed by Fred Smith Company.

The primary purpose of the Board is to represent the collective interests of Hedingham homeowners. The powers and duties of the Board include:

  • Operation, care, upkeep and maintenace of the common areas
  • Manage the financial revenues and expenses of the association
  • Collection of HOA dues
  • Formulate, amend and enforce rules and regulations
  • Oversee repairs, additions, and improvements to the community

The Hedingham Homeowners Association Board of Directors consists of the following officers:

President, Jennifer Moore

Vice-President, VACANT

Treasurer, Ed Behan

Secretary, Christina Serafino

Member at Large, Reid Smith


Neighborhood Committee Member Elections

If you own a home in Districts 1,3,5,7,9,11
There are 11 neighborhoods in Hedingham. Each of these neighborhoods is to elect a three member Neighborhood Committee to represent their districts homeowners on all things requiring a vote. The Neighborhood Committees are the voice of the homeowners in their District and are vital in making sure that those voices are heard. Each Neighborhood Committee appoints a Voting Member who will cast a single vote for Board Member Elections. They may also be involved in changing the Covenants and Bylaws, the borrowing of money and other matters requiring voting as outlined in the Covenants. If interested, please download a Neighborhood Committee Nomination Form or go to the Athletic Club and get a copy from the front desk. Help to do your part in making Hedingham one of the best communities to live in.

District Representative

A District Representative is voted into office by the Homeowners in each District (neighborhood) within Hedingham Community Association. The primary purpose for having representatives from your district is to ensure that your neighborhood is fairly represented when community decisions need to be made. The Senior Representative from each District will serve as the Voting Member from each neighborhood. This structure helps to ensure that your section of Hedingham has a voice in the overall decision making for the entire community.

2018 Approved Budget

Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Board Member Nomination Form

Hedingham Committee Representatives and Voting Members

Hedingham Neighborhood Voting Districts

HOA/Board Meeting
Wed. at 7PM
Willow Oak Clubhouse
Jan 24

Meeting Minutes

Click here for HOA Board meeting agenda and minutes.

We are always looking for volunteers! If you would like to assist the Board, please contact 919-231-9050 x 25 or email hedingham@casnc.com.

Please contact 919-231-9050 x 25 or email hedingham@casnc.com to report a covenant violation.


Jan 177PM Board Meeting
Feb 217PM Board Meeting
Mar 217PM Board Meeting
Apr 187PM Board Meeting
May 167PM Board Meeting
Jun 207PM Board Meeting
Ju1 187PM Board Meeting
Aug 157PM Board Meeting
Sep 197PM Board Meeting
Oct 177PM Board Meeting
Nov 217PM Board Meeting
Dec 197PM Board Meeting