Assessment Increase

Beginning January 1, 2018, the monthly assessment for the Hedingham Community Association will be increased by $4 per month to a total of $50. Note that townhome owners pay an additional $63.25 per month (unchanged) for a total of $113.25. Oakland Hills owners pay $120 per month in addition to the $50 for a monthly total of $170.

The monthly $50 HCA assessment covers the expenses for all of the community's amenities (pools, tennis courts, gym, aerobics room, weight room, playgrounds and the use of the Hedingham golf course). Also included in the $50 per month is the maintenance of all of the common areas and buildings (clubhouse and athletic center), salaried and hourly staff, management contract, liability insurance, security patrols and security systems at the buildings, utilities and communications systems and social events. Attached is a summary of the 2018 budget.

This additional revenue is needed to pay additional payroll costs, including the addition of a third full time salaried employee and for the addition of more security cameras at the pools and athletic center. As the buildings, pools and other infrastructure ages the maintenance costs at the buildings and facilities require more maintenance and more expense. The additional full time salaried employee will allow management to respond more quickly to inquiries and complaints and follow-up on architectural requests, Covenant violations and other owner related issues.

Considering the size of the community and number of amenities offered Hedingham continues to be among the best values of all communities in this area!

Athletic Club Hours:

Monday - Thursday 5:30AM - 9PM
Friday 5:30AM - 8PM
Saturday 8AM - 6PM
Sunday 11AM - 3PM
The athletic center is closed New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. To learn more, please visit the Athletic Club page, or contact the Athletic Club by calling 919-231-9050.
HOA/Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 21, 7PM
Willow Oak Clubhouse
Mar 21

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Neighborhood Watch comes to Hedingham! Meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of every month, 7:00 PM, at the Willow Oak Clubhouse. All residents are encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact the Hedingham Community Manager at 919-231-9050, ext. 25 or

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